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Meme Example #1 by 3dmarioworld Meme Example #1 :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 4 10 How I draw myself VS how I actually look like Meme by 3dmarioworld How I draw myself VS how I actually look like Meme :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 1 0 3DMW Generations by 3dmarioworld 3DMW Generations :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 12 11 Mikey Zoom: Lance Zoltar by 3dmarioworld Mikey Zoom: Lance Zoltar :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 4 6 Spiny Simulations by 3dmarioworld Spiny Simulations :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 3 8 The Flavoroids: Pineapple by 3dmarioworld The Flavoroids: Pineapple :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 3 0 Mikey Zoom: Olisa Zoltar by 3dmarioworld Mikey Zoom: Olisa Zoltar :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 5 0 Mikey Zoom: Noelle Zoltar by 3dmarioworld Mikey Zoom: Noelle Zoltar :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 7 4 Draw the Squad 3: OTP Edition! by 3dmarioworld Draw the Squad 3: OTP Edition! :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 6 0 Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Sticks by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Sticks :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 9 20 Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Amy by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Amy :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 6 11 Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Knuckles by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Knuckles :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 7 9 Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Tails by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Tails :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 12 0 Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Sonic by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius- Sonic :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 6 6 Sonic: Hero of Mobius (Movie Poster) by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius (Movie Poster) :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 4 11 Sonic: Hero of Mobius (Logo) by 3dmarioworld Sonic: Hero of Mobius (Logo) :icon3dmarioworld:3dmarioworld 5 0
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Meme Example #1
An example of the use of….
How I draw myself:
  • Cool hair.
  • Perfect teeth.
  • Swagalicious hoodie, fingerless gloves & shoes.
  • Black pants.
  • No damage to the face.
How I really look:
  • Not-so-cool hair.
  • Tooth gap.
  • Normal clothes and average shoes.
  • Any colored pants (Blue in the example.)
  • Has a scar on near the left eye.
Made with DeviantArt muro
How I draw myself VS how I actually look like Meme
On the left, draw a pic of how you usually draw yourself. On the right, draw a pic based on how you look like in real life. =)
(Here's an example:…)
DeviantArt It's FREE for Use! DeviantArt
  1. Mention me if you're gonna use it.
  2. When you're done, leave a link to it in the comments while saying "Used".
3DMW Generations
All the designs of my Spiny-Sona. =) Hope you love it! =D [Happy B-Day to me!!! :happybounce:]
Made with DeviantArt muro
Mikey Zoom: Lance Zoltar
Lance Zoltar was the father of twin sisters Noelle & Olisa Zoltar and Micheal Zoltar a.k.a Dikato's superhero, Mikey Zoom.
The big day is coming. ^_^ Tomorrow, I turn 16. :P
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here:…)
The Flavoroids: Pineapple
(Suggested by :iconponymiku::D (Big Grin))
[The 15th Flavoroid approaches!]
Pineapple, like Cotton Candy, is an easygoing optimist. He's mostly relaxed, open minded & empathetic while also being positive, enthusiastic, and always beaming.
Mikey Zoom: Olisa Zoltar
Olisa Zoltar is the 16-year-old twin sister of Noelle Zoltar & one of the older sisters of Micheal Zoltar. She's younger than Noelle by 10 seconds. Unlike her twin sister, she is very naive and quite ditzy, but she makes up for it with beauty and kindness. Despite this, she's shown to be skilled at fashion designing, wood carving, lock-picking, and making smoothies, which demonstrates that while she may not be very bright, she is creative and artistically inclined. She also gets along well with her little brother. She & her twin sister are the only ones who know their brother's secret.
Mikey Zoom: Noelle Zoltar
Noelle Zoltar is the 16-year-old twin sister of Olisa Zoltar & one of the older sisters of Micheal Zoltar. At times, she's known to be very bossy & condescending. But aside from that, she is also cute, friendly, insecure and protective. She doesn't like the others touching her possessions, especially her cell phone, which seems to be her most valuable object. The reason for this is that she doesn't want to waste her phone memory for messages other than the ones from friends. She & her twin sister are the only ones who know their brother's secret.
Draw the Squad 3: OTP Edition!
Because why not? (・∀・ ) Finally got to making third "Draw the Squad" but this time, it's more of a "Draw your OTP" kind of thing. ;) They're so much fun to draw and great pose practice. =D (Big Grin) If you use this base feel free to tag me. I'd love to see what people do with this. Be sure to give the link to yours & give me credit please! ^_^
(Challenge Mode: draw the rest of the squad as background people)
Hey, guys. =) My birthday's coming in 6 days. ^_^
Sonic: Hero of Mobius (Logo)
In a nod to Adventures of Sonic the HedgehogSonic SatAMSonic Underground,and Sonic Boomthe story of this fan made movie follows around Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, and Sticks the Badger who must outwit the  two crack troops created by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik & his niece, Ovoid "Omeletta" Robotnik known as "The Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" (being Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts) and "The Totally Terrific Tails Track and Trash Team" (being Clucker, Burrobot and Kiki) as the 2 groups rival in trying to capture Sonic, along with his friends and hold them prisoners.

It borrows many elements from early Sonic cartoons & the video games but it doesn't follow the continuity set by the video games.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

                                                   The New Captain N logo by 3dmarioworld

Season 1, Episode 4: "The Videolympic Games"

Narrator: On the dark & dangerous world of Subspace, the evil Master Hand is about to witness a sinister secret...
Master Hand: POWER!!! I must have more power!!!! :rage:
Kamek: *takes out some batteries* H-Hey, M-M-Master Hand! Y-Y-Y-You can use my flashlight batteries! <8)
Master Hand: Not that kind of power, you imbecile!!!!! *hits Kamek with the beams from his fingertips* :X
Kamek: *get ht several times* BWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :ohnoes:
Master Hand: I want the power to reach my destiny! :rage The power to rule Videoland!! :rage: But most important of all, the power to destroy the Princess and the meddling Captain N!!! :rage: Hyper Mirror on my wall, tell me how to crush those pesky meddlers once & for all!!!! - FIRERAGE -  
Hyper Mirror: Hidden within Skyworld, in the towering peak, the Three Sacred Treasures contain the mighty power you seek, For 10 and 27 thousand years, they've been sight unseen, but bring the Treasure together & you shall soon be king.....
Master Hand: Yes.....King Master Hand, supreme ruler of Videoland...what a wonderful thought! :devilish: Get me the Princess! >8(
Psycrow: Yes, Master Hand! :salute:
Narrator: Meanwhile, at the Palace of Power...
Navin: *jumps over barrels & climbs ladders*:P
Princess Macey: Hurry, Navin! ^^;
Navin: Don't worry, Princess! I'll be right there in a flash!! ;)
(Hologram) Donkey Kong: Wait with Donkey Kong 
Navin: *gets to the top* >_<
(Hologram) Donkey Kong: *falls* GIAAAHHHH!!!! :o
Princess Macey: *freed* ^.^
Ness: Nice try, Navin! =)
Navin: Wow! :wow: A life-sized D.K. Simulator!! What a concept!!! =D
*suddenly, on the monitor, Master Hand appears*
Master Hand: I hope I'm not interrupting anything...:roll:
Princess Macey: If you called to threaten us again, it won't work Master Hand. >B(
Master Hand: You're right, threatening hasn't worked & I am sorry for the way I acted. All of this fighting is getting us nowhere. U_U What do you say we settle our differences in a more...sportsmen-like way? :devilish:
Princess Macey: *looks at Navin* I don't trust him, he's up to something...B(
Navin: *looks at the monitor* What do you suggest, Master Hand? :?
Master Hand: A challenge, we're gonna hold the Videolympics on Skyworld. Emoticon: Evil Smile  My warriors..err...athletes versus Captain N & The N Team. :evil-smile: If we lose, we shall NEVER set foot off of Subspace again. :| If we win, I'll be the new Prince of Videoland! :diabolic: 
Princess Macey: You, Prince? :? Hehehehe! :giggle:
Navin: We gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. :P
Landon: Meow! =p
Ness: But this is what we've been waiting for, your highness! A chance for peace!! <8)
Princess Macey: I know, but Master Hand can't be trusted. What if it's a trick? Sad dummy 
Navin: Well if it is, what better way to find out than to go along with it? ;p
Princess Macey: What if we lose? :(
Earthworm Jim: Lose? With all of us on your side? :? Don't be ridiculous! ;)
Bomberman: With Captain N leading us, we'll have the power to win! What do ya say, your highness? =D 
Princess Macey: Well, I guess...^^;
Navin: You're on, Master Hand! >8D
Master Hand: Perfect. Emoticon: Evil Smile  We shall see you at the Skyworld Coliseum for the games. >B) AND FOR YOUR FUNERALS, FOOLS! evil smile  Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!The Seriously Evil Laugh 
*the monitor turns off*
Princess Macey: I hope we made the right choice. <8|
Navin: Don't worry, Princess. With a Lil' workout, we'll undefeatable. wink grin 
Narrator: A short while later, at the Palace Courtyard, Navin and the others go into training to prepare themselves for the upcoming Videolympic Games...
Navin: Okay, everyone. We gotta get into prime shape if we're gonna win! =) *gets out a jump rope* jump rope 
Princess Macey: *does the same* :JumpRope: 
Earthworm Jim: *uses his Supersuit to use himself as a jump rope* jump rope 
Bomberman: What am I suppose to do with these Hammer Balls, Captain N? :?
Navin: It's simple, Bomberman! ^_^ You just hold onto the handle on the chain, spin around & around to swing the Hammer Ball, then let go to see how far you threw it. Go ahead, you try it. =p
Bomberman: *grabs the handle & spins* >~< *lets go & throws it extremely far and fast*
Earthworm Jim: *dodges it* Hey! :o
Ness: *also dodges it* Watch out! O︵O
*the Hammer Ball lands in an unknown place, causing an explosion*
Navin: That was totally wicked! :wow:
Landon: Meow! Trampoline *falls off* MEOW! :ohnoes:
Navin: *catches him* I know you wanna help, Landon, but cats aren't allowed to compete. <B| *looks at Macey* Are they? :?
Princess Macey: :shrug:
Ness: You can count on me to win the Lap Running, Princess! =D
All: ^u^
Narrator: Halfway across Videoland, at the strange world of Punch-Out, Master Hand's minions are also getting prepared for the Videolympics...
Kamek: *using a punching bag* I love punching the punching bag...=p *zaps it with his magic wand, turning it into a brick*...but I love zapping them even better! ;p Hehehehe...:giggle:
Psycrow: Alright, Evil Bomber. Let's see if you can lift this-CAW-much weight. :P
Evil Bomber: No sweat. :devilish: *picks up a giant machine* >B)
Master Hand (Hologram Form): *appears* :X
Evil Bomber: Hey, Master Hand! How'd you like the way I clean & jerk this way? :D
Master Hand (Hologram Form): I'll clean your face, jerk! If you stop screwing around like a bunch of monkeys!!:angry: 
Evil Bomber: *stops* Aw man. But we're practicing for the Games, just like you told us to...:(
Master Hand (Hologram Form): I didn't expect you to practice for it, I expected you to practice cheating!! :X
Kamek: But why do we need to cheat you're just gonna destroy them all with the power of the Three Sacred Treasures? :?
Master Hand (Hologram Form): Because winning the Videolympic Games will improve my image as Prince of Videoland. >B) *disappears*
Evil Bomber: Welp, if it's cheatin' he wants, it's cheatin' he'll get. :P *hides brass knuckles under his gloves/hands* Like my famous "Devastation Punch"! :devilish: *punches a punching bag into bits*
Kamek: Yeah! And my "Bullet Bill Bazooka"! >8D *shoots 5 Bullet Bills* ;)
Evil Bomber: *gets hit by them* Ow! :ohnoes: *looks at Kamek* Why you...Angered 
Kamek: No, wait!! :o It was an accident!!! OmO *gets lifted up by Evil Bomber*
Evil Bomber: *lifts up Kamek* I give you an accident on purpose! D8< *throws him into a boxing ring*
Psycrow: *rings the boxing bell* >8)
Evil Bomber: *gets into the boxing ring* Defend yourself! :angry: 
Kamek: *gets up* Okay, you asked for it! :rage: I'll squash you like a Thwomp! :rage: *summons a Thwomp to land on Evil Bomber*
Evil Bomber: *gets hit by the Thwomp* Aah! DX
Kamek: And I'll beat you like a Broozer! :X *summons a Broozer to punch Evil Bomber*
Evil Bomber: *gets punched in the stomach because of the Broozer* Oof! X(
Kamek: And I'll....>8( *gets his wand snatched by Evil Bomber* 0_0
Evil Bomber: *snaps his wand in half* Oh yeah?! D8< Try this! *pounces on Kamek*
Kamek: YIIIEEEEE!!! :ohnoes:
Narrator: Meanwhile, back at the Palace of Power, the Princess grows fearful of Master Hand's challenge...
Ness, Earthworm Jim & Bomberman: *arguing over who's face should appear on the Flakes cereal box* :angry: 
Princess Macey: Stop it!! >8(
Ness, Earthworm Jim & Bomberman::?
Princess Macey: None of you are gonna be on the front of the box if we don't win the games tomorrow. B(
Navin: Don't worry, Princess. I know how to get these guys in shape! =) *looks at them* Okay, 100 pushups. Let's move it. >B| 
All: :pushup: 
All: *running through an obstacle course* :P
Navin: *drinks egg yolk from a cup for energy* Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
Ness & Bomberman: *climbing up ropes* =T
All: *run up tons of stairs, all the way to the top* ^w^
Narrator: The next day on Skyworld, millions have gathered to watch as their fate is chosen in the Videolympic Games...
*on the N Team's Side*
Navin: Now don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for anything fishy. >8\ 
All: Right! :highfive:
*on Master Hand's Side*
Master Hand: Now remember, it isn't if you win or lose...-_-
Kamek: ...but how you play the game! UwU
Master Hand: No, you moron!! :rage: *sends multiple fireballs onto him*
Kamek: AAAAH!!! I'm on fire! 
Master Hand: I've arranged the events to take us to the 3 locations of where the Three Sacred Treasures are buried. >B( And once I have their Sacred Powers, I shall destroy Captain N and the Princess!! >8D Then Videoland will be mine!!! Mwahahahahahaha! :evillaugh: 'Revamp' 
Coach Pit: Ladies & Gentlemen of Videoland, let the games begin! :D
Audience: *cheers* Dance! 
Princess Macey: You can do it, Navin. I know you can. <8)
Coach Pit: The 1st Event, Tag-Team Wrestling! =)
Ness: I'm too small to wrestle!! If Evil Bomber slams me, I'll be squashed! :o
Navin: They picked our names out of a hat, Ness. We'll just gotta do the best we can...^^;
Coach Pit: Just a sec! :wow: There's been a mishap in the draw!! 
Navin: Evil Bomber's out of the match! =D
Coach Pit: Wrestling for Evil Bomber will be....RIDLEY?! O_O
Ridley: Ridley continuous roar emoticon 
Princess Macey: Oh no! :ohnoes:
Coach Pit: First one to KO their enemies is the winner! 
Navin: You take care of Kamek,  I'll handle Ridley...:P
Ness: *goes off*
Navin: Yeah, sure I will. :roll:
Kamek: C'mon, Ness! Make your move! :rage:
Ness: *tries to flip him over* Mmph! >~<
Kamek: *summons a Thwomp to get him down* Ha!! What a shrimp!!! >8D
Navin: Ness, you gotta use leverage! ^^;
Ness: *finally flips Kamek over* X)
Coach Pit: 1...2...3...
Kamek: *quickly tags Ridley's foot* >m<
Coach Pit: Ridley has been tagged! OoO
Ridley: *uses his tail to move Kamek off to the side* Ridley roar emoticon *pushes Ness down with his finger/claw*
Ness: Let me go!!! Hurt 
Coach Pit: 1...2...3...
Ness: *tags Navin in a fast paste* ~_0
Navin: Alright, you big dragon! Pick on somebody your own size! Undertale - Mad Angry Chara might explode 
Princess Macey: Oh no! :ohnoes:
Landon: M-meow....Worried v3 
Ridley: *sits on Navin and Ness*Rockin' out Ridley Emoticon 
Coach Pit: 1...2...3...4!!! And the winner is Ridley!!
Ridley: *flies off*
Ness and Navin: *gets up* Ugh... @~@
Coach Pit: Ridley wins the 1st event! 
Evil Bomber: We don't need the Three Sacred Treasures, Master Hand. We're gonna wham those wimps! >8)
Master Hand: I'm sure we are but that is not a reason why I shouldn't have the greatest source of power in Videoland. Go get my the first Sacred Treasure! >B|
*meanwhile with the N Team*
Princess Macey: It isn't fair!!! :X Ridley weighs more than you, Navin!! -m-
Navin: Are you kidding me? He weighs more than the Chicago Bears! <8(
Coach Pit: In the next event, Bomberman and Psycrow will compete in the 400 yard Dash, through the Electric Maze! 
Bomberman & Psycrow: *goes to the starting line*
Coach Pit: On your marks...get set...GO!
Bomberman & Psycrow: *enters the electric maze* >8P
Coach Pit: *narrating* Bomberman is off to a great start!
Landon: *looks at Psycrow* Meow! :X
Navin & Princess Macey: C'mon, Bomberman! You got this!! :D
Coach Pit: *narrating* Psycrow's falling behind while Bomberman is near the finish line!
Psycrow: *thinking* I-CAW-know your weakness, TNT Twerp! :devilish: *throws a Barom at Bomberman*
Bomberman: *gets hit & falls* AAAAAHHHH!!! :ohnoes: *falls to the ground & loses one of his extra lives* :dead:
Princess Macey: Bomberman! :o
Navin: He lost one of his lives! <8O
Psycrow: *makes it to the top* Hahahahahaha!!! >BD
Coach Pit: *sighs* And Psycrow wins the Electric Maze Dash...The score for Master Hand's Team is "2" & The N Team has "0". No, I disagree! 
Bomberman: *regenerates, now with only 999,999 lives left* I'm sorry, your highness. I tried... :( (Sad) 
Princess Macey: It isn't your fault, Bomberman. <8) Those villains cheated. >B\
Narrator: Meanwhile, in a sunken chamber underneath the surface of Skyworld, Evil Bomber looks for the first Sacred Treasure. 
Evil Bomber: *ducks* Yuck! Flying rats! Doh! *grabs a bag* :? *opens it to find a cobra in it* AAAHH!! :ohnoes: *falls over*
*many bag-looking & jumpscares later*
Evil Bomber: *steps on a floor plate revealing what he came for* A-ha! The first Sacred Treasure! >8D *takes it & goes into a Warp Zone*
Narrator: Back at the towering Skyworld, the Videolympic Games stadium arrives at the location of the next event!
Coach Pit: And now, Princess Macey & Evil Bomber will compete in the Waterfall High Dive!
Evil Bomber: *comes out of the Warp Zone & goes back to Master Head* :\
Master Hand: What took you so long?! :X
Evil Bomber: Hehehe...^^;
Master Hand: Now get out there before you get disqualified! No Runnin in my Lobby 
Evil Bomber: *leaves the first Sacred Treasure with Master Hand* Yes, sir! :o *runs to the match*
Master Hand: *catches the first Sacred Treasure* Mwahahaha...:devilish: One down, two to go! Evil Smiling Girl 
*back @ the match*
Princess Macey: I'm a little nervous about diving down these floating waterfalls...:o
Navin: Speaking of waterfalls, there's something familiar about the places these games are being held. :|
Evil Bomber: *climbing up a ladder to the match* =T
Coach Pit: Times will be judged by their grace & difficulty. Not to mention, steering clears of the...flying piranhas. ^^;
Princess Macey: Flying piranhas?! You never said anything about flying piranhas!! O_O
Navin: I..uh..didn't wanna worry you...:sweatdrop: revamp v2 
Landon: Meow meow! :P *jumps down* MEOW! :o *falls in the water, safely* :phew:
The Audience:Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
Judges: *gives a two "8.9s", a "9", a "9.5" & a "8"* :P
Navin: Great dive, Landon! :D
Evil Bomber: Hey! 0o0 No fair, pets don't count! :X
Navin: Yeah, but you do? >B(
Princess Macey: That's enough! >m< We'll settle this with the dive. U_U
Evil Bomber: *jumps down* UwU
Coach Pit: Evil Bomber is dropping like a bomb but he'll get a low score if he doesn't put more "bite" into it! ;)
Evil Bomber: *gets bite by a flying piranha* Yeeouch! :ohnoes: *falls into the water, safely(?)*
Judges: *gives a two "9.5s", a "9.9" & two "9s"* :P
The Audience:Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
Master Hand: *whispering to Kamek* Quick, go get me the second Sacred Treasure!
Kamek: Yes, you wrinkleness! :iconnervous-laughplz: *gets hit by Master Hand* Yeeow! OmO
Master Hand: Never, EVER say the words "wrinkles" around me! :X These are handsome lines. >B( Now, get goin'! :rage:
Kamek: *runs off to get the next Sacred Treasure* :o
Princess Macey: *looks at Navin* Evil Bomber got an awfully high score. ^^;
Navin: Don't worry, Princess! You can beat 'em! ;)
Princess Macey: *jumps down while dodging the flying piranhas* =T *falls into the water, safely*
The Audience:Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
Judges: *gives a five "10s"* :P
Coach Pit: Princess Macey wins the High Dive! :D It's "Master Hand's Team: 2, The N Team: 1"! =p
Earthworm Jim, Ness & Bomberman: *cheering* :happybounce:
Master Hand: Hmmph! I could've done better & I'm only a hand...:sulk: 
Navin, Landon & Princess Macey: *comes back to the ground from a platform, safe & sound* :)
Kamek: *gets on the same platform after the got off & goes in the water while nobody was looking* >8) *grabs the second Sacred Treasure [which is stuck]* >_<
????: *pulls Kamek & the second Sacred Treasure out* :|
Kamek: Thanks! :D *sees that it's the Octopus* :o
Octopus: *attacks* :X
Kamek: *swims away* Waaaahhhh!!!!! :ohnoes: *jumps out the water & lands on Master Hand* I got it, Master Hand! ^^;
Master Hand: Two down, one to go! Emotihal Evil Grin 1 Mwahahahahahaha! :evillaugh:
*l8r, after many matches*
Narrator: As the final event approaches, the score is tied. The fate of Videoland will be decided by the outcome of the 10-Kilometer RocketChariot Race...
Navin: Maybe he's after a special Warp Zone...could be a secret password...:blank-stare: animated  Ugh, this is driving me nuts!!! >_< I'm certain I played something like this before, but I can't remember what! :roll:
Princess Macey: Forgot about that, just remember that we gotta win or else those creeps will be living in our palace. >BT *gets off the RocketChariot, along with Landon*
Coach Pit: On your marks...get set...GO!
All RocketChariot: *zooms off*
Coach Pit: And they're off! Evil Bomber's taking an early lead! :P
Psycrow: *pushes a button on his RocketChariot, turning it into a submarine which then goes into the water below them all* >8)
Ness: Where'd he go? :?
Psycrow: *shoots a torpedo at Ness* >8D
Ness: Hey! :o *gets hit and his RocketChariot explodes, causing him to fall into the water*
Coach Pit: Looks like Ness is out of the race!
Psycrow: So long, shrimp! Evil grin *sees a giant gong & gasps* onion head 'shock' *gets hit and his RocketChariot explodes, causing him to fall into the water*
Coach Pit: Looks like Psycrow's been given the gong!
Earthworm Jim & Kamek: *racing, neck to neck* :X
Kamek: Hey Jim! Can I offer you a pet? *turns Earthworm Jim's RocketChariot into a giant Goomba*
Earthworm Jim: *falls into the water* GIYAAAAAHHHHH!!! :ohnoes:
Coach Pit: Earthworm Jim really got stomped up this time!
Princess Macey: *covers her eyes* I can't look! :(
Earthworm Jim: *lands on the ground* Oof! >_<
Coach Pit: And another of the N Team is out of the race...
Kamek: Hahahahaha! :laughing: *sees a tree* Waah! :o *gets hit & falls to the ground* Oof! >m<
Coach Pit: Kamek's now out of the race, it's down to Captain N & Evil Bomber!
Navin: It's time for my Mega Speed-Kick! :P *pushes the "+" button on his W.I.I. Power Pad, causing his RocketChariot to go much faster* Later, slo-mo! ;p
Evil Bomber: Ha, Captain N is goin' "N" for nowhere! *throws a bomb at his RocketChariot* :devilish:
Navin: *falls* Aaaaah! :ohnoes:
Coach Pit: OH! :o Captain N is big trouble!
Princess Macey: Navin! D8>
Navin: Hope this works! *quickly turns some of the remaining parts of his RocketChariot into a rocket-powered skateboard* ^^; *he then zooms off* =D
Evil Bomber: Huh?! o_e
Coach Pit: They're approaching the Finish Line, Evil Bomber looks unstoppable...
Evil Bomber: *turns to a Warp Zone* :p
Coach Pit: Wait a sec, he's taken the wrong turn!!
Navin: *crosses the finish line* ;p
Coach Pit: Captain N has done it, the N Team has defeated Master Hand! :w00t:
The Audience:Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
Evil Bomber: *comes out & goes to Master Hand with the third Sacred Treasure* >8)
Master Hand: At last, the 3rd one! >8D
Navin: Three...that's it! omfg 
Princess Macey: What's "it"? :?
Navin: What Master Hand's after, the Three Sacred Treasures! >B\
Master Hand: You're correct, Captain N! But unfortunately for you, you're also too late! *opens all of the Three Sacred Treasures* :devilish: My power is unstoppable now! Behold, the Warp Zone of Oblivion:evil-smile2: *opens it up* Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! :evillaugh:
The N-Team: *falls into the Warp Zone* AAAAAAAHHHH! >n<
Narrator: Has Master Hand really conquer Videoland? Will Captain N & the others survive the deadly Warp Zone? Find out in the next chilling adventure of "The New Captain N"...

The End (for now)


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Hey, what's up? I'm a humanoid spiny who goes by the awesome name of "3dmarioworld". I use PaintZ to make my pictures. This is "The Swag Ninja" (also know as 3dmarioworld) signin' out. PEACE!! =D
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